project: half and halfway

Half the truth is sometimes more accurate to detail than the whole picture. The detail speaks for itself. Oftentimes, mixed with imagined extensions towards reality, our mind forms a whole. It is the imagined, individual truth that sparks the imagination and leads us on our journey.

Each photo in this collection shows a section or detailed cutout of an object which shall extend beyond the frame. Furthermore, each photo tells you a story that reads itself into a plot of many possibilities. You fill the void reaching further than the visual boundaries. Moreover, you hold the key to imprint an image on your mind that carries you further, brings you closer to your truth. What we hold most dear must not always be real or literal. It can be anything, a detail, a part of a larger picture or idea. We seek different things and ideals in life, for sure. However, what we speak is only halfway of what we think? Our mind knows the truth, the whole story and sees the whole picture. This is what makes us unique, as is each of the photos you find in this collection.

There is more…

“Half and Halfway” is halfway of the road that extends into many directions. It is splitting into endless streams of fantasies that can be your reality and vice versa. Bring out your bright light and let us tell this story together. Photography tells a story in stills but speaks a fountain of emotion in waves of imagination. It is an art, like many art forms, versatile and eloquent. It has the power to overcome or process emotional pain, convey happiness and provoke thought. There is so much of us in all that exists, which can mean we are part of everything, even if only in part. There is no limit, there is only more.

This project is in progress. New photographs will be added frequently.