Blue Veil Photography – About Vekaan

Vekaan is many things. A Veil. It’s karmic. It’s for anyone. It is Blue Veil Photography. To see it, is not to simply look at it but defining it. This is personal and different for everyone which makes it your story in the end.

Vekaan is also Movement and Illustration of reality. It is artistic photography and it will evolve.

Here comes a thin blue velvet veil that falls into place so gentle that it is barely noticeable. Yet, it envelops the eye or the object however, it is not tangible. As a result, this blue veil photography and its evolution shall create a powerful illusion of color with an intent  to reveal intense emotion. In conclusion, it is honest and beautiful. It is a mystery beyond worldly perception therefore it wants to be discovered. Above all, what truth lies behind this blue velvet veil is unique and you can only perceive it with your own imagination.

May it be beautiful. Meaningful. May it be of you. 

Wild West Winter Sunset
Wild West Winter Sunset

To explore Vekaan

Explore the infinite possibilities of perception of our environment, nature, objects and scenes. Our imagination can interpret a vast amount of options which we associate with everything we see and feel. Dive in and relax, calm your mind. Slow down, breathe and take in this visual experience. What is it for you? Enjoyment, analysis, meditation, criticism, value…? Most important, let it be your own, individual experience before anything else.

Whatever you might discover, Vekaan is a medium of expression, an inspiration of thought and an idea. Moreover, this idea will evolve. This is my journey and your journey if you wish, therefore let the pictures and impressions lead us toward a kind unknown.

Thank your for your support! Feel free to reach out for comments, inspiration or collaboration.

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